Finnin Ford is proud to be one of the first dealers in the tri-states to offer compressed natural gas conversions. We hope to lead the charge in the area in this clean burning and inexpensive fuel. Though its not a new technology, it has come a long way in the last 10 years. We know that there may be some questions, and below we will answer many of those.

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What are the benefits of a vehicle converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?
Compressed Natural Gas is clean burning, and less expensive than traditional fuels used in automobiles. A gallon of Compressed Natural Gas will give you the same efficiency as a gallon of gasoline, at around half the price.

Is it safe?
Compressed Natural Gas is an incredibly safe fuel, from the tank its stored in to the CNG itself. CNG's ignition temperature is 1200 F, which is twice that of gasoline. CNG also has a limited range that it can ignite within. Concentrations of lower than 5% or higher than 15% in the air, and it will not ignite. These two factors make any sort of ignition of CNG very unlikely.

The CNG tanks themselves are also made to be much stronger than a traditional gasoline tank you would find on a vehicle. The tanks and valve designs are put through rigorous 'torture tests' to make sure they will stand up to any extreme conditions. These include gunfire (both .357 magnum ammunition at 25 feet- the tank still maintained its pressure afterward) and dynamite (A quarter stick of dynamite and a half stick of dynamite left 1/16 of an inch damage to the tank, it took a whole stick in order to damage the valve on the tank. Again, the tank emptied quickly, with no ignition).

Where can I purchase compressed natural gas?
Most larger cities have a place to fill up with CNG. In Dubuque, you can obtain CNG at Rainbo Oil (1216 E 16th St, By Wendys and the new Dairy Queen) In Iowa, you can find stations in Cedar Falls/ Waterloo and Des Moines. In Wisconsin, you can purchase it in Madison, Janesville, Milwaukee and La Crosse. And in Illinois, on the way to Chicago you can pick it up in Rockford.

What vehicles use Compressed Natural Gas? Most vehicles can be converted to use Compressed Natural Gas. Right now Finnin is converting F-Series trucks, E series and Transit Connect vehicles and hope to be able to convert the rest of our lines in the near future.

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