Here at Finnin Ford & Kia, we provide Ford, Kia oil changes in Dubuque, IA during our Service Department operating hours.

When it comes to getting an oil change, many customers feel more comfortable going to someone they know will do a great job with their new or used Ford, Kia vehicle. That's why Finnin Ford & Kia provides quick lube oil and filter services for our customers.

You don't have to purchase a car from our dealership in order to get it serviced here. We offer the recommended transmission oil change services to any new and current customer in the Dubuque, IA area.

In addition to oil change services, we also offer tire rotation, brake service, and more. To schedule an oil change or other service, please call our Service Department at (563) 556-1010.

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Every oil change comes with 50-point inspection. We visually inspect:

  • Head Lights/Tail Lights/Turn Signals/Brake Lights/Hazard Warning Lights/Exterior Lamps/License Plate Lights
  • Windshield Washer Spray/Wiper Operation/Wiper Blades
  • Windshield Condition
  • Shock Absorbers/Suspension/Struts
  • Steering Gear Box/Linkage and Boots/Ball Joints/Dust Covers
  • Muffler/Exhaust Pipes/Mountings/Catalytic Converter
  • Engine Oil and/or Fluid Leaks
  • Brake Lines/Hoses/Parking Cable Brakes
  • Drive Shaft Boots/Constant Velocity Boots/U-joints/Transmission Linkage (if equipped)
  • Transmission/Differential/Transfer Case (Check Fluid Level, Fluid Condition and Fluid Leaks)
  • Fuel Lines and Connection/Fuel Tank Band/Fuel Tank Vapor/Vent Systems Hoses
  • Inpect Nuts and Bolds on Body Chassis
  • Check Fluid Levels (Oil/Coolant/Battery/Power Steering/Brake Fluid/Washer/Automatic Transmission)
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Drive Belts (Condition and Adjustment)
  • Cooling System Hoses/Heater Hoses/Air Conditioning Hoses and Connections
  • Radiator Core/Air Conditioning Condenser (if equipped)
  • Coolant Recovery Reservoir Fluid Level/Condition
  • Brake Pad Condition
  • And More!

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