Adam S 9/24/2020
Your Testimonial : My wife bought a 2017 Kia Sorento from your dealership in December. It has been towed 4 times in 10 months. Also when we first bought it, you finance team screwed up and somehow had us set up for two of the same loans so we were paying double of what we were suppose to be. Of course, when we called you guys, you blamed it on us signing the papers. When we proved it was you guys, there was no appology or anything to make it right, just basically brushed under the rug. This past Tuesday, when it broke down and just shut off on her way to work, she almost was hit by a semi due to engine just shutting off. When it was towed to your dealership, for some reason it started right up. When you talked to my wife, you guys made her feel like dirt, by acting like she was crazy and shut her vehicle off on her own. Maybe instead of being cocky and making your customers feel like dirt, maybe you should look at it first before you make judgements. After she demanded you guys look closer because this keeps happening, you guys discovered that its her engine. She was given a loaner SUV, but with our son still in a car seat, we will not be able to take a family trip because the front seat has to be below the dashboard for him to have leg room. I feel you guys need to do a better job of checking these cars/SUVS over before you sell them to people. There is no way that a Vehicle that was checked over should of had to be towed 4x in 10 months. You need to do something better then just brushing this under the rug. We will never do business with Finnin again no matter what, but the better business bureau will be contacted and possible our attorny.

Megan 9/4/2020
Jared Williams was a great salesmen and very easy to work with!

Melissa 8/28/2020
Good Afternoon, I just had my car in for service and once again, I am truly amazed at the service. I've always had terrible experiences taking cars to dealerships (or almost any mechanic) for services. Those bad experiences are due to being either ripped off or being taken advantage of (the whole female theory). Anyways, I just want to say thank you and your service team for making me feel good about bringing my car to you. So far I've had nothing but great service and I feel I can trust the service team at Finnin Ford. I also appreciated that the shuttle drivers were so friendly and their willingness to go out of the way to drop my car off at my work place. Tell your team to keep up the fabulous work, positive attitudes, and the trustworthiness they bring with them! Thank you

Rickie 7/2/2020
Stacey was the saleswoman. She did an excellent job, Stacey was very patient and thorough. Love my new car.

Jeff W 6/15/2020
Jackson Hiland was knowledgeable and a great salesperson finding me my dream car Mustang GT Convertible in a tight inventory environment - The customer service from the Manager to the Finance personnel was excellent and had everything completed in about an hour - It's great to keep the business local and even better with great customer service.

Amanda 6/1/2020
Bought my second Kia from Tony Fassbinder yesterday. Went in for an oil change and to have my air fixed and Tony was able to get me such a great deal that I bought a new car instead! Tony does a great job. He is very kind and informative. He genuinely tries to make sure people around him are happy. My 11 year old daughter walked away saying she wanted to sell cars when she grows up. The experience was quick and painless.

Sheri 5/19/2020
Yet another awesome experience with David Scott. We've purchased numerous cars with David and the customer experience is top notch. We will be back.

Kate R 5/18/2020
David Scott did an excellent job finding us the perfect vehicle. He was easy to work with his customer service is out of this world!! I would highly recommend him as a sales consultant. We have bought numerous vehicles from him and continue to go back.

Jim 4/29/2020
Keri Ginter has been the best customer service person I’ve ever encountered in my 50 years of buying and leasing cars. Her attentiveness during the procurement process and subsequent follow ups and service needs has been first class and indicative of a great service culture at the dealership. I’ve enjoyed the experience we’ve had with Keri and would advise any Kia customer to work with her if the opportunity arises.

Tammy 1/10/2020
What a great team at Finnin KIA! I walked in the door and was greeted by April with a very friendly welcoming conversation. Keri Ginter was ready and waiting for me! Amy did a great job getting me through the paper work with some humor and helpful answers to my questions. I walked out with a new KIA Sorento! I am so impressed with the knowledge Keri has about the car and the patient, fun way she has in answering all my questions! I have so much confidence and trust in this team. They are always available if I need anything after the sale. The people at Finnin KIA are why I keep coming back. They make you feel great and treat you right!

Emily N 12/2/2019
I bought my first Kia from Finnin. The salesman went above and beyond to find my exact wants i was looking for in my “ new to me “ vehicle. Thank you Scott Snedden!

Nancie J 11/27/2019
Great job to the wonderful team in the service department , excellent customer service and to the team on the floor a joy to chat with while my car was getting an emergency service!!!!! Thank you all so much five star!!!! It would b wonderful if other Kia dealers use you as the model!!!!

Sabrina W 10/30/2019
I worked with Tanner to purchase my 2017 Kia Sportage. He did a great job! He was honest, open, and trusting. He didn't play the games other sales people try to play just to get the sale. He knew I stood firm on what I could afford, and did his best to work with me. I would recommend Finnin Kia and Tanner to anyone.

Jolene K 9/9/2019
This is my 3rd KIA purchase from Finnin Kia and tonight I drove away with my New to Me "Dream Machine". A 2016 Kia Sorento SXL. David Scott and the Finnin team made this so easy. What a Great night...the Packers win and so did I. Thrilled to work with Finnin Kia. Just goes to show...You're Winnin with Finnin!

Lynne S 3/11/2019
This was our first visit to Finnin Kia. We had previously shopped in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids for a SUV. We were greeted by Jackson and he was able to assist us with our first KIA Sorento. They made the financing to picking out the perfect car for us a simple choice. We are thrilled with our new vehicle and experience at Finnin Kia. #winninatfinnin Purchase Date : 03/05/2019

Diane 2/1/2019
Huge shout out to Tony Fassbinder! I am a person who has certain demands and Tony handled it like a charm. After many hours and countless test drives Tony found just what I was looking for....with all my must haves. I ended up getting a 2019 Kia Optima EX Premier. Thanks again Tony for dealing with me and my procrastination and getting me into my 1st ever brand new car.

Pat 1/17/2019
Today I purchased my third Kia vehicle, a 2019 kia Niro, at the dealership in Dubuque. Tony Fassbinder is the go to salesmen. He is very knowledgeable, polite and has great people skills. Tony has the ability to make the seemingly impossible situation become reality. If you are in the need of a new vehicle, I would highly recommend that you give Tony a call or stop in to see him. You will not be disappointed.

Nick H 10/24/2018
My sale guy Brandon Aureden did a fantastic job again and also help he every way he could to make a second sale happen for me . Very outstanding salesmen and I would always be pleased to give him my business every time . Thanks again Brandon your where a super success for my buying my 2012 2500hd .

Dave D 3/23/2018
Bought a 2015 Sorento from Finnin Kia. Our salesman was David Scott and the process went extremely well. First class operation. They made sure all our questions were answered. David saw to it that the car was totally detailed before we picked it up and it looked beautiful. Business manager Steve handled the paperwork quickly and we were on our way. No pressure at any time and David explained all the car systems to us before we left. Thanks again David my wife and I were very happy.

Andrew B. 2/9/2018
Just want to send a shout out to Johnathon and the service crew. We were travelling to Dubuque for our daughter to look at Clarke U.. Drove 12 1/2 hours from just east of Toronto, Canada, and just as we arrived to your beautiful city we heard a weird creaking noise in our front end.. With accessment turned out to be our ball joints on front end. They were able to get us in and out that day on such short notice. Offered us Shuttle service around town, whenever and how many times we wanted. Shuttle driver was fantastic and got to learn a bit about the history of the city at the same time.. Again thank you for your honesty and great work on our Sedona. My daughter signed with the school so we now can trust a service center when in need.

Jordan 10/30/2017
Great to work with Kevin and Alex we liked buying from them so much we went back the filling week and bought another one. Great atmosphere and 2 great guys to work with thank you both so much.

Paige O 5/19/2017
Tony was great to work with. He made the car buying process easy from start to finish and he answered all the questions I had.

Jason C. 4/25/2017
I went to just look and ended up finding the perfect car for me! Everyone was very helpful and they worked with my budget.

Matt R. 4/25/2017
I was very impressed with the quality of service. They were recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I listened. Great deals, friendly staff, and a great selection!

Amanda G. 4/25/2017
This was my first car I ever purchased and I couldn't have been more pleased with the staff. They didn't pressure me into anything and they helped with all my questions. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends!

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